Africa in Motion 2014 - Looking back, reaching forward 

After a fantastic journey across Scotland with our tour Sports Stories from Around the African Commonwealth we are now gearing up for our main festival taking place from 24 October to 9 November all over Edinburgh and Glasgow! Mark these dates on your diary soon and visit us again soon - the festival programme will be announced at the end of September! 

Our festival theme for 2014 is Looking back, reaching forward and will focus on retrospectives of the past and explorations of the present and the future of Africa, including contemporary and classic fiction features, short films, documentaries, experimental work and animation. The programme will have a main focus on 20 years of democracy in South Africa, for which we have partnered with the live performance season Afrovibes, as well as with the other African film festivals in the UK to programme a season of South African films to travel across the UK. Other strands in the programme will include a focus on Rwanda, as 2014 also marks 20 years since the genocide; a retrospective of classic African films as part of the launch of a new book Africa’s Lost Classics: New histories of African cinema, which grew out of classic African films screened during previous AiM editions; and a strand of African science fiction films in conjunction with the BFI’s national focus on sci fi. 









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